How to control AKM Recoil?

Hello Friends, I hope You are doing Great. Today I will Tell  you about  how to control AKM Recoil. If you are pubg lover then this article is only for you.

If you want to know that how to control AKM Recoil then definitely you are AR (Assault Rifles) lover and you love AKM Type guns.

How to control AKM recoil in PUBG?

There are two ways to control AKM Recoil. 

First Gyroscope and second four or five fingers.
How to Control AKM Recoil

1- With The Help of Gyroscope- 

If you enabled gyroscope in your pubg mobile. Then it is best way to control recoil for your AKM. When you shake your phone up and down, your aim will move up and down. So when you shoot from AKM then Your scope moves up fastly. If You have gyroscope enabled in your PUBG Mobile then when Scope moves up you can take your mobile down. So from this way You can Control Recoil of Your AKM.

2- Using Claw Setup ( 4 or 5 fingers) -

When you use claw or 4-5 fingers control then you can use one finger to move scope down to control recoil. 

These are two ways from which you can Control AKM Recoil very easily.

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