How to Earn Google Pay Rewards [Tez Rewards] And Transfer to your Bank account

Google pay rewards tez

Money matters. Everyone wants to earn some extra income / pocket money. Google Pay Rewards Provides such type of opportunity. It's a very simple process to get some money.

How to earn Google pay rewards?  You can earn Google Pay Rewards by transferring money from Your back account to other person's bank account.

I'm Going to tell you whole process to get Google Pay rewards or Tez Rewards.

How to Earn Google Pay Rewards [Tez Rewards] And Transfer to your Bank account?

  1. Install the Google Pay App.
  2. Add Your email to the app.
  3. Add your contact number associated with bank account.
  4. Select Your bank.
  5. Confirm Bank through OTP.
  6. Select a Pin or Pattern for Your Google pay app.
  7. Now Earn the money by transferring money.

Which type of Google Pay Rewards I will Get?

Google Pay Offers Many Type of Rewards such as in India if you transfer ₹150 or higher than 150 to another bank account, You will get a Coupon. After Scratching you will get some money or "Better Luck Next Time" 

Google pay Rewards offers some other types of coupons also like if you do recharge in your number then You can get coupon or You can pay some bills to get coupons.

How to transfer Money from Google pay to Bank which I got from Google pay Rewards?

You need not to do anything. Google pay will automatically transfer Your money to your bank account which is connected to google pay.

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