The spur is actually a hypertrophic tibia, which is more likely to occur in places with large vertebral activity, such as the cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae. In addition, bone spurs can also occur on the knees and soles of the feet.


spur inflammation may lead near the site, resulting in pain. Such as bone stab pressing the nerve, the patient's neck to upper limb numbness, acupuncture and abnormal sensitivity to touch.


Bone spurs are a phenomenon accompanying the process of spinal degeneration. As people age, the structure of the spine will also degenerate. First, the cartilage between the spine gradually loses moisture and elasticity. The joint surface of the spine is damaged by the bearing pressure and at the edge of these joints. Proliferate some bones and form bone spurs.


maybe X-ray inspection, etc. to determine the EMG's disease symptoms. But what's important is that the results of these tests must be meaningful in conjunction with clinical symptoms, because Spurs are a common phenomenon, and many patients with head and neck muscle pain or numbness are actually caused by problems with muscle tendons or peripheral nerves. Therefore, be careful when checking, avoid taking and receiving excess medication and treatment. The treatment method is mainly based on drug treatment, and surgical treatment is a secondary treatment.
  • Drug therapy: Patients with less severe conditions can be treated with a collar, neck traction, and medication to alleviate the condition. At present, the treatment of spurs is still based on conservative drug therapy, with painkillers, muscle relaxants or drugs of sedative and anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate pain, and then use physical therapy such as ultrasound, ultrashort wave, electrical stimulation, hyperthermia, traction, and special exercise. Auxiliary.
  • Surgical treatment: When pain is not enough, neurological symptoms continue to deteriorate and muscle atrophy occurs, surgery is required. However, even within five years after the operation, there will still be a chance to re-issue.


  • In daily life, you must be careful when you are sitting and lying to prevent symptoms from getting worse. The same posture cannot be maintained for too long, especially the work of bowing, looking up, and squatting, so as to avoid fatigue of the neck muscles. It is best to change your posture and work a little bit for every half an hour to an hour. When sitting, the thigh should be level. If the chair is too high or too low, it is better to choose a chair that can put your arms on the armrest. When lying down, whether you are asleep or not, the waist should be covered with a thin cover to keep warm. Promote blood circulation.
  • Promote blood circulation in the neck, can often do shoulder rotation, shrug movement.
  • It is best to lift less weight. 
  • The quality of the pillow is better in cotton, and it should not be too high. The pillow is slightly pressed against the middle of the pillow before going to bed, so that it is comfortable to sleep on the one hand, and it can prevent the head from moving after falling asleep. In addition, pillows that are too hard are not suitable. 
  • When you feel pain, you can use the electric blanket, the stove, and the hot water bottle to apply heat for 20 minutes each time to relieve the symptoms.

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