The bone quality of the bone will increase with age after birth. It reaches its peak before the age of 30, and then gradually decreases. After the menopause, the bones of the bones become dense and loose, which is osteoporosis. Therefore, osteoporosis occurs mostly in menopausal women and older people older than 70 years.


  • The bones become fragile and easily broken.
  • Sustained back pain.
  • The height is short and hunched.

Causes of

lack of exercise and taking steroids long term is likely to be one of its causes. Osteoporosis is the result of accelerated bone loss. The main reason is the loss of calcium from bone tissue. It can lead to severe bone loss, making a bone loss, brittle, and weak, making it easy to fracture.

now the medical community has not yet found a method to treat osteoporosis, in fact, prevention is better than cure, pay attention to supplement calcium and taking vitamin DIf you have back pain, you can take painkillers.


  • Increase the intake of calcium and eat more foods with high calcium content, such as skimmed milk, low lactose milk, or take calcium tablets.
  • Proper exercise, absorb more sunlight. If the amount of exercise is insufficient, bone loss will be faster. In addition, absorption of sunlight can also increase calcium intake.
  • Supplement hormones, especially active vitamins after menopause.
  • Prevent falls so as not to break.

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