Back Pain

Symptoms of
back pain can be divided into two major categories. In the case of a fall or sprain, you should go to the Accident and Emergency Department for treatment. If the back pain is sudden, the pain is severe and the pain spreads across the upper body, and even the chest is painful. Those who should seek medical advice immediately, sometimes sudden back pain will cause numbness and tingling in their hands and feet or even incontinence. The above patients immediately seek treatment in the emergency department.

Most back pain is due to a back lower body muscle tension caused due to pressure, others are back injuries, such as arthritis, urinary tract infections, and other causes. In daily work, it is easy to cause improper posture and improper posture due to the improper sitting posture. However, women who like to wear high heels can also cause back pain. On the other hand, some long-term bedridden or wheelchair users may have back pain, which can be consulted by your family doctor.

  • Rest: It is the best way to relieve back pain and avoid further injury. It is ideal for at least three days of rest, not necessarily in bed, and can do gentle movements to relieve pain. 2 to 3 hours a day, continue for 3 to 4 days.
  • Hot compress: Heat helps blood circulation and helps treatment, but it should not be used within three to four days after the injury, which will make the pain and swelling more serious. You can take a hot water bath, a hot water bottle, a shower, etc., every 20 minutes, repeat every 20 minutes, and do it several times a day. 
  • Massage: Can't heal back pain, but it can relax the tight muscles and relieve pain. 
  • Wear a girdle: support the back muscles and prevent the affected area from moving too much and reducing stress. 
  • Taking medicine: taking aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen sodium, but people under the age of 19 are not suitable for taking these medicines.
such as bruises or falls back pain caused by reason, and for three days, back pain and even extended to the leg at the knee who, when the venue, coughing , sneezing , pain when more force or extracts, urination Pain, itching or burning, fever, vomiting, and frequent urination, if the urine has special smell or bloodshot, joint inflammation, joint stiffness, and joints that make a sound when the body moves, you should consult your doctor, and Conduct professional physical and medical treatment.

carrying heavy objects, try to keep the back vertical and close to the object. Do not bend over and transport the objects. Do not delay the standing to cause sudden stimulation of the spine. Once you have sprained the lumbar bone, stop working immediately and relax the waist. Should carry heavy loads. Ladies should avoid wearing high heels, sandals are also the most worn, and the shoes are focused on fit and comfort.

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