Back Ache

Back pain refers to pain caused by spinal injuries and back muscle spasms. Common in posture, obesity, weightlifting, abdominal muscle weakness, arthritis.

Analysis of symptoms
  • Lower back pain, with radiation pain to the legs, difficulty walking, see sciatica.
  • Neck, chest, waist, limbs, large joint pain, joint stiffness early morning, over the age of 50 years old See osteoarthritis.
  • Breast cancer with back pain is bone metastasis of tumor cells.
  • Amenorrhea, with back pain, maybe osteoporosis.
  • Right upper quadrant pain with back pain, nausea, vomiting, cholecystitis or gallstones.
Immediate treatment 
of trauma need immediately sent to the hospital for treatment, back pain needs absolute rest, cold compresses can be swelling and pain.

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