Amazing Holi Essay

Amazing Holi Essay


Amazing Holi Essay


Holi is the festival of joy. Normally it comes in the month of March. When the holi comes,People say "it's the beginning of the Basant Ritu"
The English meaning of Basant ritu is Spring season. Some people say this festival is the symbol of Goodness, Because according to a myth, on this day a wicked lady "Holika" was Died.
Amazing Holi essay for Students and Competition

Story behind this festival

Once opon a time , there was a demon named Hiranyakashipu . he had a son whose name was prahlad. His son "Prahlad" was the biggest devotee of Lord Vishnu.That made Hiranyakashipu furious. 
Hiranyakashipu wanted that his son worships him only but Prahlad did not do so. He refused to worship Hiranyakashipu. So Hiranyakashipu decided to kill his own son. He tried so many times to kill him but he failed as Lord Vishnu saved "Prahlad" every time. 

At last when he had no other option,  he took his sister Holika's help who had a boon that fire couldn't burnt her if she wears a special cloth  which she got after doing a lot of "Tapasya ". According to the plan She sat on the fire wearing that "cloth" with her nephew Prahlad. All of a sudden the wind started blowing and that "Cloth" flew and fell opon Prahlad's head ,thus Prahlad got saved due to that "Cloth". Lord Vishnu saved his true devotee Prahlad again and Holika burnt on that fire . People started dancing after seeing this as Prahlad's faith on lord Vishnu won .

Since then every year we burn Holika  as a symbol of badness/evilness on the occasion of Holi so that goodness , happiness and positivity may come to our lives.

Conclusion -- 

The Story of Hiranyakashipu and Prahlad teaches us that goodness always wins over  evilness/ badness. We should have faith  in our hearts for goodness .
So this Holi let's burn all the negativity and bring positivity in our lives and make our lives more cheerful.

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