Acute Back Pain


Acute Back Pain

Also commonly known as "flash waist." When the patient lifts a heavy object or carries a heavy object, the back will suddenly feel pain, and sometimes it will cause a waist when bending forward.


  • Sudden pain in the back.
  • Slightly bending or holding a position may reduce the degree of pain.
  • Sometimes the pain or paralysis will pass from the waist to the lower limbs.


is unknown, but there may be muscle, fascia, ligaments, intervertebral disc or joint damage caused.

Home care

  • Stay in bed with the most comfortable posture. Most of this posture is bent sideways, with a cushion between the knees, like a lying shrimp.
  • Apply a cold damp cloth or a warm damp cloth to the waist.


  • When the low back pain is so severe that you can't turn around, you should be hospitalized.
  • The doctor will give the patient an injection or oral administration of an analgesic.
  • After an acute phase of about four to five days, the doctor will begin physical therapy for the back of the patient.


  • When lifting the weight, bend your knees and bend the waist properly.
  • Do more gymnastics at the waist to strengthen the back muscles and abdominal muscles.

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